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Keys To Finding Optimal Detectable Pens For The Food Industry

If you're a food industry worker and manage inventory, you'll probably end up using a pen quite frequently. It's important that it has a detectable design so that if it ends up going lost, it won't negatively impact food products because metal detectors will pick it up. This advice will come in handy when purchasing these specialty pens. 

Make Sure Clips Are Provided

You'll be less likely to lose a detectable pen around food products if you get some that have pre-attached clips. Then you can use them to secure the pens to your clothing when they're not being used. 

It's a more protective way to hold onto these pens as opposed to keeping them in your pocket, where they could easily slip out if you perform certain actions. The clip will remain secure and you'll thus always know where your detectable food pens are. 

Go With Bright Colors

If you do end up misplacing your detectable pen around a food environment, you won't have to worry as much if the pens have a bright color. Then they'll be much easier to spot. The colors will stand out when next to other things around your work environments involving food.

Manufacturers make detectable pens in all kinds of bright colors, including blue, red, and yellow. These colors really will have an impact if you unfortunately lose these pens throughout the work day. Whereas if you had standard white or gray pens, you may have a harder time locating them.

Consider Comfort

If you'll be using a pen around the food industry to document inventory for hours, then it's pretty important that the detectable pen you go with is comfortable. You want your hands being able to hold onto the pen for a long time and still remain comfortable.

Detectable pens that are made from soft materials will really help your hands stay more relaxed. You might also look into detectable pens that have an ergonomic design. Then you'll be able to hold onto the pens a lot better and even have more grip, which will keep them from falling into any food products you work with or around. 

Pens may not seem like a big factor to review when working in the food industry, but they really do make a difference in being able to work safely and keep other people safe. You can buy detectable pens with advantageous features, saving you a lot of stressful complications. 

For more information about detectable pens, reach out to a company like Detectapro.