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Liftgate Delivery Services: Why Use Them For Your Business Operations?

Most people and businesses order and transport heavy cargo through trucks, and in most instances, they need a shipping bay or loading dock on their premises. Thus, they need a proper mechanism for loading and unloading cargo from the truck hence the need for liftgate delivery services. That's a service that affixes a piece of hydraulic or electric on the back of a truck that lifts freight several feet from the ground during loading and lowers the truck's tailgate when unloading. The following are reasons to consider liftgate delivery services for your business and residential operations. 

If There's No Access to A Shipping Bay or Loading Dock  

People use liftgate services when there is no access to a shipping bay or loading dock, and building one isn't feasible. For example, construction sites receive a lot of materials before project completion, and a contractor must have a loading and unloading mechanism. However, constructing a shipping day on a loading dock may not be appropriate because construction projects are always temporary. Another scenario is the case of home deliveries, where you might order vast volumes of goods or heavy cargo once in a while, and it doesn't make economic sense to install a shipping dock at home.

When Handling Extremely Heavy Cargo

Liftgates offer you sizable and heavy pieces of track delivery equipment that significantly add to the vehicle's gross weight. That enables them to handle huge volumes of cargo at once. That makes using liftgate delivery services a convenient and cost-effective option. You won't need to distract your business operations by calling your employees to help load and unload items from a truck. It also saves you the money you will have used to hire loaders and the time you would have spent using small pallet jacks and forklifts. 

To Avoid Employee Injuries and Freight Damage 

One of the leading causes of warehouse accidents and injuries is heavy lifting. These injuries cause employee shortages and result in worker's compensation claims, where you can lose a lot of money paying for damages. Liftgate delivery services minimize human interaction in the loading and unloading process, reducing the chances of workplace injuries. When it comes to damage to your goods, liftgates offer a stable and balanced loading and unloading option against the height of a trailer bed preventing falling and damage. They are essential for handling high-value cargo, such as heavy machinery, where damages can result in significant losses.

Take Away?

Are you looking for a safe and convenient way of loading and unloading freight in your business and residential operations? Contact A reputable liftgate delivery service to help solve your needs. They give you a solution when handling heavy cargo when you can't access a loading bay or shipping dock.

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